After learning that there were no longer Jedi to teach him the ways of the Force and that his ability to become a crew member on the USS Enterprise was considerably limited, Benjamin Carlson dedicated his future to his other passion: art. Initially, Ben found success as an oil painter. A kind of Da Vinci in Doc Martens, a Michelangelo on a Motorcycle. In 2011, after recognition by The Pitch as "Best Visual Artist in Kansas City," he decided to expand his talents to a medium that could be seen, individualized and appreciated by a larger variety of people. Trading in canvas and brushes for human skin and needles (which is terrifying out of context), Ben began his career as a tattoo artist. By studying the history of tattooing as well as staying up to date on the latest techniques and styles, his mission is to provide high quality artwork and personalized attention to all his clients. Whether you have a specific design, a vague idea, or absolutely no clue, he will work with you to make sure that you will get exactly the tattoo you want and one that you will be proud of.


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